What Our Clients Say


“Oh wow! Loved the name and the choice of colours!  I’ve used other brands but the grips are so much better on these!’ - Emily


‘Yes I get Jellylegz every time and these socks help keep me from slipping.  Great brand and fab socks’ - Anna


‘The green is my favourite and I can't wait to see all the colours that come out. I already have all the shades available’ - Olivia


‘These are perfect for when my feet are in the straps and I have the ring between my ankles.  They stop my ankles from rubbing and getting sore’ - Sandra


‘Keeping me safe during the sidesplitz. Grips are great and i feel safer’ - Helen


‘Ok so I forget my socks every time I come to the studio so I have the best excuse to buy all these colours in the Jellylegz grip socks,  Love them and the name is brilliant as I get Jellylegz every single time thanks to my brill instructor’ - Jessica


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